How to buy MINX on Uniswap

Among the platforms where you can buy or sell MINX is the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Before explaining how to register and buy MINX, let’s tell you a little more about this Exchange that many of you already know.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is a decentralised exchange protocol (DEX) that has taken a huge prominence in the crypto world due to its particular system of operation. A fact that has led it to a constant growth and to become one of the largest DEX in the world.

Uniswap was born as a project designed to offer two functions: firstly, to serve as a DEX within the Ethereum ecosystem. And secondly, to offer an automated market maker (AMM) liquidity protocol.

The fact that Uniswap relies on Ethereum and its smarts contacts to achieve its objectives guarantees the absence of any type of centralisation for its operation. In addition, it integrates with the large number of existing ERC-20 tokens.

This project was born with the intention of being a non-profit project and completely open-source, the operation within the platform is purely economic.

It is important to know that Uniswap charges a flat fee of 0.3% per transaction. This is significantly cheaper than most decentralized exchanges.

Sign up on Uniswap

To buy any coin on Uniswap, you will first need two things: an Ethereum wallet and some Ethereum in it.


MetaMask installation and registration

  1. Go to MetaMask and download and install the extension (in Chrome or FireFox).
  2. You will see the MetaMask fox icon next to the address bar. Click on the icon and MetaMask will open.
  3. Create a new password. Then, type the secret backup passphrase in a safe place. MetaMask will create a new Ethereum address for you.

4. Copy the address of your Metamask wallet once you have logged into the platform.

Tip: every time you copy and paste an Ethereum address, remember and verify that the first 2 digits and the last 2 digits are correct.


5. Buy Ethereum on any other platform (Coinbase, Binance, P2pb2b…) that you usually use or if you already have Ethereum you only need to send an amount to your Metamask wallet address.

If you have any questions you can see the complete Metamask configuration guide here.

Buy on Uniswap

  1. Go to Uniswap. Choose ETH in the first option and click on Select a token towards the option you want to acquire, in this case MINX.
  2. You must have previously connected your wallet or connect it when you want to buy the MINX, but don’t worry, the platform will warn you if you don’t have your Metamask wallet connected to make the purchase.

3. Select the amount of $ ETH you wish to spend and you will see the amount of MINX you will receive. For example: 1 $ ETH → 348,068 MINX
Click on Change.

4. Metamask will open in a new window and ask you to confirm. Click Confirm.

Now you must wait for the transaction to complete. Be patient, sometimes it takes a few minutes.

The time estimates assume that your transaction has been confirmed in the first block after the transaction was submitted. If your transaction was not confirmed in the first possible block, it may take much longer depending on network conditions.

5. If everything is correct, you will see the new coins you bought in your Metamask wallet and in your balance when you want to buy more MINX or sell.

Contact with Uniswap

To get in touch, please send an email to

For anyone having problems with their wallet, transaction or question related to Uniswap you can also join the community on Discord, Twitter or Reddit or explore the help and tutorials site.




Contact with InnovaMinex

If you have any questions about MINX you can write to and our technical team will answer you as soon as possible.



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